Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Xtian On Music

Hey look everyone! Oh wow! Plug in Your Head looks different now! Isn't that a shock? I bet it'll change your whole perspective on life!

...Not Really.

Ok well with a new look, I'm gonna try something different today. Today I'll just talk music, not just one band but music in general.
This Idea came to me while I was in the car going home. I realised that I had a huge stockpile of albums I wanted to review but I just didn't really wanna talk about them. To be perfectly honest I'm going through some weird stage in my music tastes and I've been trying out new genres and I've found some pretty incredible stuff.

Last week I briefly mentioned my new best friend and I've been using it to find new stuff! Once I made an account I noticed the Stations tab on the left, I realised that this was a tool that let you choose a genre and it would make you a playlist or a "Radio Station." This got even cooler 'cause when you don't like a song you click "Nah, Skip it" and it will remember that you don't like that song so it will never play it again. And when you do like a song you can click "More of this!" and it will add it to your genre exclusive "Station" more often! I love this site because it really gives unrecognised artists a chance to get noticed.

Anyway, I was in an experimental mood and I decided, while I play World of Warcraft (Don't Judge) I'd listen to the Dubstep "Station." Oh my God, I was just stunned by the complexity and intelligence that goes behind that genre. In South Africa people are huge about House, now I was never entirely sure what House classified as but now I've got it. House is the little brother of Dubstep who eats lead based paint while exploring the contents of his own shit, while Big Brother Dubstep sits on the couch wearing sunglasses in doors, a leather jacket and a smirk that says, "Fuck Yeah, I'm Cool!" However Big brother Dubstep is always high, but we can forgive him.

Now without going too in depth, because I don't want to do a full review, I also found something that surprised me! Good Rap! Now I know y'all is sayin, "Dis sum bullshit! Rap Be Tight!" Or however you inbreed trolls talk. But to be honest I had never found any good rap until I found Immortal Technique! This guy (Or multiple guys (No Homo)) rap about things that matter and not just, How many bitches dey got up in deir crib! T(he)y talk about things like gang violence and politics and... Vegetarians? Either way I find Immortal Technique a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop world.

I also found out from a friend about another rapper, Sage Francis who is also quite amazing. The thing I really loved about him is the fact that he uses a real band! And my friend (You know who you are) replied with, You can't use a computer to make art. Well said man, but of course there's Big Brother Dubstep to be excluded from that generalisation of course.

Finally I would like to give a mention to one of my icons, the god-father of South African Rock music, Ard Matthews. No he didn't die! But many are saying that his career did.

Ard Matthews, the lead singer, guitarist and front man for SA Rock Trio Just Jinjer appeared on live TV last night to sing the South African National Anthem after the 2011 Rugby World Cup side was chosen. But... Ard forgot the words. And excuse me for my nosey-ness but I'm pretty sure, "Nanana... South Africa!" is not the lyric.
As many of you should know, the South African National Anthem is sung in 11 different languages, (Don't ask me to name them all because I haven't got a clue how to spell them.) and this is a good excuse as to why he didn't remember the words. But I don't blame him, it was live TV and he wasn't drunk so he got stage fright. But he apologized profusely so I accept his apology and I hope that he recovers from this.

Ard Matthews is a really nice guy, in 2010 I took a 10 hour Bus Drive to Knysna to go and see them play and He found out (It's a long story about how he found out and it involves alot of name dropping and many of you wouldn't believe me.) and so Ard came out to meet me and thank me for coming to the show. He signed an autograph and then proceeded to throw up behind a trailer, (What a Rock Star!) Anyway I hope that no-one hates him and hopefully soon I will get around to reviewing one of Just Jinjer's albums.

Anyway that's it for Xtian On Music, maybe I'll do another one of these soon. Please follow my blog. Also could you +1 this post. I'd love to hear what you think of my blog and of the new theme so please leave a comment or E-mail me at

And so I'll give you guys another recommendation next week, so until then, Turn Up the Volume and Plug in Your Head.

Xtian Zzyzx

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  1. Nice work Chris, I am liking it.

    Keep it up, I think you have found your calling, lots of work to do, but this is a great place to start.

    See you at practice.


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