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The Network- Money Money 2020

Hello and welcome to an issue of Plug in Your Head I've been putting off for a while now. You see, I always think, "Ok! Next week I'll do The Network!" But I always forget and do something else. So now it is time.
This is one of the coolest albums ever, EVER! Definitely original and it was a great direction for Green Da... I mean The Network, (Who are not Green Day) to explore. Even if it only lasted 1 album.

Now The Network, (Who are not Green Day) are a 6 piece band including, Fink (Who is not Billie-Joe Armstrong) Van Gough (Who is not Mike Dirnt) and The Snoo (Who is not Tre Cool). And even though the bands true identities are completely unknown, (Due to the masks they wear) we will just have to take their Bio's found on several Green Day related sites as truth. (Even though The Network aren't Green Day.) However here's some funny co-incidences! Did you know that Fink and Billie-Joe Armstrong are both Aquarius!? And that The Network is signed to Adeline Records which is weirdly owned by Billie-Joe Armstrong! But of course these are just co-incidences. (If you haven't gotten what I'm getting at yet, then I suggest you go drink the blue liquid underneath your sink to help clear your mind.... Or kill you.)

Now onto the music! Money Money 2020 (Pronounced Money Money, Two-thousand Twenty) is a brilliant little Ska pass time. It's really funny and contains more references to the sexual frustration of Robots than anything before it. With the possible exception of a couple albums released in the late 80's. It starts out with The song Joe Robot which shows how far The Network are trying to stray from the direction Green Day where going with the Lost Album, Cigarettes and Valentines... Even though they aren't Green Day... The song is about well... I'm not entirely sure really. All I know is that it keeps referring to a story, "It has a beginning. It has an End. It's a beautiful story. But it's pretend." I feel that this album is the only instance that the Key-Tar is allowed. In any other instance it should be avoided to the extent of using human shields to protect you from the 1980's projectile vomit noises it produces.

Staying on the topic of Sexually deprived Robots is Track 4, Supermodel Robots. When the singing starts I can't help but think how much Fink sounds like Billie-Joe Armstrong! Weird Co-incidence! Once again I have no idea what they are talking about in this song because the amount of references to computer parts could only be understood by perhaps an MIT graduate... Or many of my friends. (You know who you are!)

Track 5, the title track, Money Money 2020 uses one of my favourite Music clich├ęs ever! The song starts out with the count, "EINCE, ZWEI, DRIE, VIER!" Now normally during the day I'm always listening to music on my Ipod with only one earphone in so I can still be part of a conversation. However that part didn't ever play in the earphone I would normally use so when I listened to this album for the first time on speakers I laughed uncontrollably at this intro.

Track 6, Spike is quite possibly my favourite song on this album. It largely consists of one sided phone calls made by Spike (Brandon) to drug dealers and eventually his mom and every phone call is basically Spike trying to find a way to get a fix. Then at the end of the song his Girl Friend dumps him leaving him homeless. Which always reminds me of the joke, "Q:What do you call a guitarist without a girlfriend? A:Homeless!"

Tack 8, Right Hand-A-Rama, is about a man's decision to either pay for a hooker, or a beer and a porno magazine. It's quite a happy song and I really liked it until I listened to the lyrics. Now I love it! And you will too because even if you deny it, everyone likes a good old sexual reference.

Track 12, X-Ray Hamburger is literally the weirdest song I have EVER heard. All I can pick out is that perhaps the X-Ray Hamburgers are gods or something? But then after a while it says, "X-Ray Hamburger is you." So you know what. I have no fucking idea what this song is about! Infact trying to review this album is making my head hurt. I  have no idea what the hell they were thinking or what they were on! All I know is that I want more! If anyone who has any say in the future of The Network reads this review please tell the band (Who are still not Green Day) to write a new album.

This album is so much fun to listen to and it's the answer to what Ska is missing. I only wish this band wasn't so underground 'cause I believe people need to hear this album. If it got enough popularity then perhaps it would birth a new wave of new wave! (See what I did there!?)

Seeing I can't find any music videos for this album I'm gonna use my new best friend! Here's a link to the ENTIRE album Money Money 2020 on

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And so I'll give you guys another recommendation next week, so until then, Turn Up the Volume and Plug in Your Head.

Xtian Zzyzx

P.S. I'd like to give a thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Monica, It is our First Anniversary this Saturday so this Recommendation is dedicated to you. Love You.

P.P.S. Can this count as an Anniversary Present?

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