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The Offspring- Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace

In 2008 one of my all time favourite bands came back with a new album! "Woohoo!" Naively thought I. And as I was still young I really liked that album. I may have even said it was my favourite. But now that I am older and wiser, I look back on my younger self with pity and slight disgust. Now I'm not saying that Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace [RFRG] is a bad album, but I looked at it way too highly back then. When I listen to this album I think, "Ah yes, It seems as if The Offspring has grown out of their Youthful Anger and Angst. They are singing about more important topics!" Now tell me this. Who wants to listen to a mature and sensible punk band!? And yes, you may say that they still use some naughty naughty swear words! But they sure as hell aren't singing about sniffing glue any more.

The song starts out with Half Truism, a song that tries to say, We're back and we're as good as ever! However the Operative word in that sentence is "Tries." It starts out with a pretty cool piano piece into the guitar part and I like it but the entire time I can't help but think, you're trying to do something you've already done, and better, With The Kids aren't Alright. Overall this song is kinda average... But still enjoyable

Now Track 3, You're gonna go far kid, Is a cool song. I can't complain about that. I feel like this song is worthy to be a Offspring song! However I can't stand the n-tss n-tss Disco Drumming. It drives me crazy and I just wish the Bass was a little more pronounced and louder. When this album first came out I was so surprised to hear it on the radio. But then I couldn't help but laugh when the Pre-Chorus came and the song went, "Now Dance, F__ Dance! It just ruined the impact of that part!

Now onto Track 4, Hammerhead. I can't stand this song! I'm all for politically charged punk songs, but are they supporting the war in this song? And if you're gonna have a political song, do it subtly like with Holiday by Green Day! The lyrics of this song are terrible, and the music is generic. And what's with the Woo-Hoo's in the backround?

Track 7, Kristy Are You Doing Okay?, is an amazingly sad song. This song really shows how much The Offspring has grown up. But in a good way. The song is about a girl in Dexter Holland's neighbourhood who was sexually abused as a kid. Everyone knew about what was happening but nobody did anything. And so Dexter wrote this song as an apology to the girl. This makes me love this song even more.

After Track 7 is naturally, Track 8! Nothingtown. This song started and I thought Oh Boy! A happy-ish song kinda like I want you bad or Why don't you get a Job. And dammit! That's exactly what I got! It's a great song! I especially like the old school Rock 'n Roll guitar solo. But the Billie Joel like backing vocals near to the end of the song kinda annoy me. But I actually don't mind them. I just keep thinking of Uptown Girl.

Finally Track 9, Stuff is Messed Up. This is possibly my favourite song on the album and the music video is hilarious. However that one line, "Please leave a message on my cell-phone," annoys me.
It always makes me laugh 'cause it's called Stuff is Messed Up, which isn't the real name. Once again, censorship has struck again. I especially love that part where he says everything wrong with society really fast. It's a unique touch.

Actually, when I listen to this again, I know why I loved it so much back then. Besides than the memories I have of this album, it just makes me happy. But there's still alot wrong with it. We may still get some good stuff from The Offspring in the future! Now I think I'm gonna go listen to this album again in fact. I'm feeling all sentimental! I definitely recommend this album to anyone, it makes me respect Bob Rock just a little bit more after that piece of Shit Saint Anger.

Here's a link to Stuff is Messed Up and Kristy are you Doing Okay? on YouTube.

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