Monday, 11 July 2011

Green Day- Kerplunk

I always feel embarrassed to admit that I like a mainstream band, and when I do say so I always try to give an excuse as to why I like that band, but in this case I've given up being embarrassed 'cause when you think about it, there's no reason to dislike Green Day.
I while ago I spoke about that one album that made a band super famous and how that is generally not their best album, and while I love American Idiot. It isn't Green Day's best album (In my opinion) even though it is the album that launched them into super-stardom. My favourite album by them is weirdly their most unpopular album. Kerplunk.

Now as with every recommendation I do, I'm gonna start at Track One, 2,000 Light Years Away. The song starts off with some awesome Tre Cool Drumming, a 4 Chord Punk Riff and some pretty badass bass! The song is about a girl Billie-Joe Armstrong met one a tour where they where supporting  Rancid, and how he missed her, seeing she lived so far away, (2,000 Light Years away) the sweet thing about this story is that in the end he actually married her, and, Adrianne is a recurring theme in this album and most Green Day albums. This song is a really cool way to start this album and it has some of the most amazing drumming I've ever heard!
The thing that I really love about this album is the drumming. It's almost like he is trying to compete with the guitar and almost riff on the drums. I just wish Tre Cool kept this caliber of epic drumming throughout all their albums.

Something really cool about this album that most people don't really know about is Track 3, Welcome to Paradise! The Dookie version is one of their most famous songs but what most people don't know is that it wasn't the original.It isn't as well mixed as it was in Dookie seeing they were still signed to an indie label, but it's still an awesome song. I love the vocal harmonies, which aren't as prominent in the Dookie version and which weren't very prominent in the "Punk" scene at that time either.

Now my favourite song on the album is Track 4, Christie Road. Starts with a really cool drum beat and really simple guitar, but it works. I love Billie's voice in this song and about half way through the song it goes upbeat and a little more punky.

Track 6, Dominated Love Slave, is an odd but really funny song, sung by the drummer, it's a song about... A Dominatrix! Little strange but so are most Tre Cool songs.

And finally, the last song, The Who's My Generation. Really cool song and covered really well. I'm a huge Who fan so I was really impressed to find this song on the album! I always had a suspicion that Green Day was hugely influenced by The Who, seeing Tre Cool's drumming is so similar to that of Keith Moon, he even uses the same drum kit as him.

This is over all my favourite Green Day album. It's not as serious as their later "Punk-Rock Operas" or as juvenile, for that matter, as Dookie, (Even though both names are about shit.) Definitely give this album a listen, even if you don't like them, Kerplunk might surprise  you. This is one of my all time favourite bands so just give them a try.

Sorry if my writing slowly deteriorated during this Recommendation as I just found out my PS3 crashed (AGAIN!) But thank you for reading this weeks Plug in Your Head.

Heres a link to2,000 Light Years Away and Cristie Road on YouTube.

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And so I'll give you guys another recommendation next week, so until then, Turn Up the Volume and Plug in Your Head.

Xtian Zzyzx

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