Monday, 18 July 2011

Billy Talent- Billy Talent II

I've had the sudden realization that I live an unhealthy lifestyle and well (Trying my best not to sound to sound like a chick) I feel Fat! And so I've decided to start going to gym again. But this however has brought about the VERY difficult question of, What the hell am I gonna listen to at gym? Because anyone who has ever been to a gym knows that, gym is boring! It's dead boring. And yet people still go. And so I realised that the only way I'm gonna make paying people to let me pick up heavy things and run around aimlessly any fun, is if I have some music to listen to. But this now presents another difficult problem. I can't just listen to anything. Blues is too slow, metal can be too fast and so I came up with the perfect solution! Punk!

Now while Billy Talent may not necessarily be punk, I've been listening to them quite a bit the last few days and well, it's close enough to punk. Billy Talent may be pretty famous, but lets be honest, the only song by them the majority of people really know is Fallen Leaves. And yes, it is a cool song but it's been over played and so I'm here to give you some BT that many of you may not know.

One of the things I love about Billy Talent is the riffing of their guitarist Ian D'sa. Because Billy Talent only have one guitarist, Ian drops his Tuning to D and so he can play Rhythm and lead at the same time, which is done really well. The first song on Billy Talent II is, Devil in a Midnight Mass. The song starts with an awesome riff which carries on throughout most of the song. As far as I can tell, the song is about trust and lack there of, as is most of the album. Really cool song and it's a great upbeat song to get you into the album.

The next song is one of their most popular songs, appearing on the snowboarding game SSX- On Tour (Which is shit compared to SSX 3) It includes more epic riffage (Now a word recognized by the oxford dictionary!) It's really upbeat and well if I could dance I think it would be possible to dance to this. But until I actually get around to learning to dance I'll just jump up and down very enthusiastically to it.

Track 4, Worker Bees is one of my favourite songs on the album. Starts out with a pretty basic and yet pretty damn hardcore bass line. As far as I can tell, the songs about how they must, "Protect the Hive from Enemies." I'd like to say I understand this subject matter, but to be honest I have no Idea what the hell the songs about. But I love the song regardless of antagonistic honeybee references.

Track 6, Fallen Leaves, is of course the most popular song on the album, but after hearing the original, the remixes and the badly done covers so often, I'm really sick of it. It is an awesome song if you haven't heard it a thousand times before so go check it out.

Finally, my favourite song on the album, Track 13, Burn the Evidence. It's the last song on the album and what a way to end such an awesome album! More epic "riffage" accompanied by a thumping bass line and well, mediocre lyrics, but still an awesome song.

This is definitely one of my favourite bands, I don't go anywhere without my Billy Talent beanie on. And this is my favourite of their albums. I unfortunately missed the opportunity to see them live last year at Oppikoppi music festival, which sent me into a deep depression for a few weeks. I love this band and I'm sure you all will to.

Here's a link to Fallen Leaves and Devil in a Midnight Mass on YouTube.

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And so I'll give you guys another recommendation next week, so until then, Turn Up the Volume and Plug in Your Head.

Xtian Zzyzx


  1. This blogs and the shit ur writing sucks, go play with yourself.

  2. Yeah Anonymous is right to some degree, I mean, who the fuck cares what some 16 year old south African clot thinks about Music, if I wanted to hear reviews on music i would go on one of the more popular sites.

    Fuck you for wasting my time.

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  3. Well done! Asshole (above) clearly got beaten up at school (again) and had her (clearly not a man) lunch money stolen. Well done! Asshole (above) clearly got beaten up at school (again) and had her (clearly not a man) lunch money stolen.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad to know that the comment section for my blog works. I couldn't test it myself due to the fact that commenting on your own blog would seem pathetic. So you have done me a huge service.
    I would like to thank you by name but unfortunately you seem too afraid to add your name to your comment. But I understand, if my grammar was as shocking as your own I would be embarrassed as well.

    Xtian Zzyzx

  5. For some unknown reason, Tr3mb1E's comment was filed under spam so unfortunately I was unable to read it. But it's ok, I fixed it so now ur comment isn't under spam. Incase u were worried no-one would read it

  6. ha ha ha! Angry teens yapping likes dogs behind a fence. Well done Xtian, great blog. This is just what you needed. :) Like I said.

  7. It does sadden me however that the Anonymous trolls couldn't give any criticism on my blog. All you were able to tell me was that I'm "really really fucking ugly." In my blog I ask you to comment on my blog, not my looks, so would you kindly tell me what you don't like about my blog, because unlike my face, I can fix my blog.

    Xtian Zzyzx


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