Thursday, 3 November 2011

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I apologise for the delay in this weeks Plug In Your Head and the lack of a Plug in Your Head last week. My internet was down, and when it came back I was extremely ill. But today I am back with another Plug in Your Head- Track Review.
Today’s track review is a big one in the metal and dubstep communities: “Get Up,” by nu metal band Korn and From First To Last lead singer-turned-dubstep DJ, Sonny Moore (a.k.a. Skrillex).
I’ve heard many lesser known artists attempt, without success, creating a seamless fusion of classic wobble bass and hard-hitting guitar riffs in the past. None come even close to results achieved by the the big names involved in this track. Unlike other dubstep/metal collaborations, this track just seems so effortless! It makes me think that these two genres were meant to meet, and the brain-child of these two artists is irrefutable proof of this.
One of the things that makes this track so good is that it’s hard to tell where the dubstep ends and the metal begins. It all flows so well. The wobble and guitar fit together to create one riff of such unique sound, I don't believe I've ever heard anything quite like it.
The song builds in a gradual dubstep progression, untill finally the full force of this track makes its impact in the main riff. The song demonstrates the possibilities of this genre fusion even before the lyrics begin.
A dubstep song is nothing without a hard-core drop, and with an entire band behind Skrillex, he was able to create one of the craziest drops I’ve ever heard. The pre-chorus ends with a halt to the instruments and the dubstep loop seems to back up on itself. Then the drop comes in with Korn lead singer Jonathan Davis screaming, “Shut the Fuck Up! Get Up!”
There’s nothing but pure power in this drop and it’s sure to impress anyone who dares call himself or herself a dubstep aficionado!
Around the 2:30 mark, as the chorus appears to be drawing to an end, the breakdown makes its unforgettable mark on this track! Skrillex seems to take the lead in the breakdown, but guitar and samples of Jonathan Davis’ voice are also incorporated into the dubstep.
I assume that because of Skrillex's prior involvement in a metal band, he has the required understanding of group dynamics essential to this, and any, collaboration. And perhaps that this is why similar cross genre tracks may have failed in the past; DJs simply lack this kind of experience.
This is a great song and I would encourage these two artists (should they listen to me) to collaborate more often in the future. Korn and Skrillex did in fact work together recently on a track titled, “Narcissistic Cannibal.” However, after hearing “Get Up” it was a bit of a disappointment, but a brilliant track none the less.
Give “Get Up” a listen, as it's well worth the experience, even if you don’t like dubstep or metal because musically, this track is very intricate and well thought out. “Get Up” is truly a revolutionary song that could possibly result in the creation of a whole new genre entirely!
So until next time, Turn up the volume and Plug in Your Head.
Xtian Zzyzx

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