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Flogging Molly- Float

Every band has that ONE album that made them super famous. My Chemical Romance- The Black Parade, Nirvana- Never Mind, Green Day- American Idiot and Billy Talent- Billy Talent II, just to mention a few. But more often than not, that album that got them where they are, just isn't their best, and you just wish that the public would listen to the stuff you listen to, to see what you see in that band.

Now don't get me wrong, those albums are great, but not their best. And if people would just listen to the stuff we plug in our heads, those bands would be viewed very differently. And Flogging Molly are no exception to this rule.

Flogging Molly are mostly known for their 2002 album, "Drunken Lullabies," which is an AWESOME album, but it's just not their best. For you deprived people who haven't heard Flogging Molly before, they are an Irish/American Punk Band, Doing very folky music, with an American punk twist. To you who haven't heard them will think this sounds bizarre, but they are exactly that.
 In "Drunken Lullabies" they really did a good job in giving it that Irish/American Punk feel, but no matter how much I listen to it, I just can't take it seriously. Drunken Lullabies, is just too in your face with their image of this genre and that's why I love "Float," 'cause you can take it seriously.

Now, it starts with a politically charged punk song, with their signature Flogging Molly twist, "Requiem for a Dying Song." And where as in a normal punk song the Electric Guitar would carry the song, they manage to get that same feel with... An Accordion! Now it does have Guitar but I love the way this band has managed to modernise this pretty old instrument to the extent that it doesn't seem out of place in a punk band, but their originality (in this very unoriginal era of music), doesn't stop there. It carries out throughout the entire album.

One of the most genius songs on the album is the title track, Track 3, "Float." I loved this song from the very first line, "Drank away the rest of the day. Wonder what my liver'd say? Drink, that's all you can." Very Irish and very Flogging Molly, that lyric, but after that, it's actually a pretty sombre song. However the lyrics aren't what I love about this song. After the chorus there's a brilliant part with the Violin and Banjo. Once again that sounds completely odd, but the way the banjo is mixed to complement the violin in that way is just brilliant! And speaking of mixing, the way the Acoustic Guitar is mixed to so sound tinny works very well in this song.

This is one of those songs that, in every verse or chorus a new instrument is added, it's done very subtly, until just before the last chorus where the drums come in very powerfully. (goosebumps) If you can't get the whole album, check that song out at least. I'll post a link at the bottom.

After Track 4, " You Won't Make a Fool Out of Me," (Which is a really cool punk song, but just not that note worthy) is Track 5, "Lightning Storm" which is very note worthy if you ask me!I love it because it's my favourite vocal melody of all time, And it just wouldn't be the same without the violin which harmonises with the singers voice in a way I haven't heard before. And it's a very emotional song because of it.

I could talk for hours about this album, but I would end up talking about the same thing over and over again, and this thing is the exact reason I love this album and take it more seriously that, Drunken Lullabies. That one constant which makes this album. The Violin.
It is said that the Violin is the most emotional instrument there is, and I agree! And that is what makes the emotional songs so emotional and the happy songs so happy, they really know how to use it. And yes there was Violin in Drunken Lullabies, but just not this quality and skill.

Their violinist really matured between the two albums and I think so did the whole band. Float is a lot more mature than Drunken Lullabies and is their best album in my opinion.

To any fans, I would definitely recommend this album, and to you who are new to Flogging Molly, also listen to Drunken Lullabies so you can see what I'm talking about. And to those of you who try and Troll me. Yes I know there was an album between Drunken Lullabies and Float, "With in a Mile of Home," I just didn't think it was important to mention.

And here's the link I promised! Flogging Molly- Float (YouTube Video)

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And so I'll give you guys another recommendation next week, so until then, Turn Up the Volume and Plug in Your Head.

Xtian Zzyzx

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